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Inna de Yard
Fils de Garches
Le 1er tour de Martinique
3 minutes d'univers
Demain, j'arrête
Future sera chauve

Wag Prod exists since 2014 in Rennes

Short, feature and documentary films

Wag Prod is a film production company created in 2014 by Yann Legay.

Yann Legay is sound engineer and has been the CEO of AGM Factory for more than 16 years. It is the only studio situated outside of Paris capable of handling the complete post-production process from the shooting workflow to the DCP creation.

Benefiting from this vast experience in the post-production industry Yann Legay decides to open his own production company, Wag Prod. Therefore he is now capable to intiate projects and collaborate with other production company to produce ambitious films.


42, rue de la Bascule

35000 Rennes

09 54 62 98 63


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